The EPA celebrates EPA Superfund Job Training Initiative program graduates

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The EPA, City of Omaha and the Douglas County Health Department joined forces to celebrate 20 graduates of the EPA Superfund Job Training Initiative program. "The City of Omaha Soil Remediation Program staff is excited for this opportunity to expand the local workforce pool for our Superfund contractors,” Steve Zivny, city planner for City of Omaha said in a press release from the EPA. "With the national shortage of workers, the timing of this program could not be any better. Building our specialty contractor capacity has been a top priority for our program. We look forward to seeing these individuals succeed after all the time and hard work they have put in."

Efforts to clean up Chattanooga brownfields are underway

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Last year, the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee received $5 to assess and cleanup brownfields. Today, the city is hard at work removing waste from a toxic industrial site, which is one of 175 brownfield sites the state of Tennessee has identified for cleanup.

EPA to begin work on Southeast Como Superfund site

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The EPA and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will begin to survey Superfund industrial sites in Southeast Como, which border residential areas and have trichloroethylene-polluted groundwater. The clean-up process will begin in late summer and is expected to take 5-6 years to complete. 

Lead contamination found in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood

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A 61-year-old resident discovered lead in her backyard. After the discovery, she reached out to a lead environmental scientist at Emory University, and the university team tested the soil only to discover high levels of lead in her yard. The EPA has recommended that her yard undergo a "time critical" lead removal. The process has yet to begin as of press time. 

Superfund site cleanup on annual Green Up Day

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Burlingtonians gathered on Green Up Day, which is an annual tradition geared at cleaning up local communities, to clean up the 28-acre Pine Street Barge Canal. Due to past contamination, the Pine Street Barge Canal is a designated Superfund site. 

Use of grey dirt cause for concern in Superfund site cleanup

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Butte, Montana residents are not happy with the fact that the Atlantic Richfield Co. and EPA are considering the use of grey dirt in the cleanup of the Butte-Silver Bow County Superfund site. Grey dirt is onsite soil that has lower metal content, but to some it's essentially still contaminated.