On April 7, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Region 4 announced the 2023 Pollution Prevention (P2) Recognition Awards Program. EPA Region 4 will recognize organizations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and tribal lands within the boundaries of Region 4 for demonstrated leadership in innovative P2 practices.

“EPA’s Pollution Prevention Award Program recognizes organizations that have taken the initiative to prevent pollution at the source,” said Region 4 Regional Administrator Daniel Blackman. “We look forward to celebrating these forward-thinking organizations that support EPA’s core mission of protecting human health and the environment while improving performance and reducing costs.”

P2, as defined in the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990, is any practice that reduces environmental releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants prior to entering a waste stream for recycling, treatment, or disposal. P2 conserves natural resources, including water and energy, by focusing industry, government, and public attention on reducing pollution through the implementation of cost-effective changes in production, operation, and the use of raw materials. EPA’s P2 program is voluntary and encourages stakeholders to seek innovative ways to prevent pollution from entering waste streams through a competitive grant process and the provision of technical assistance to businesses.

This is an annual, voluntary, and non-monetary awards program. Those interested in applying for an award should submit a complete application describing their P2 efforts, activities, cost savings, and the replicability of their approach. Application deadline is May 19, 2023. For information on how to apply and the application form visit: https://www.epa.gov/p2/epa-regional-pollution-prevention-recognition-awards-program

In 2021, EPA R4 recognized companies in Kentucky, Mississippi and South Carolina as winners of the P2 Award Program. Siemens Energy Inc in Richland, Mississippi, Shutterfly, LLC in Fort Mill, South Carolina and Ford Motor Company in Louisville, Kentucky—all showed a commitment to pollution prevention by reducing, eliminating, or preventing pollution at its source. For more information on R4’s past winners visit this website.

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