The newest episode of the docu-series EARTH with John Holden aired Sunday on Fox Business Network; with another showing planned for Sunday, September 10th at 3:30 pm ET on Bloomberg TV; and Sunday, September 3rd at 10:00 am ET on BNN Bloomberg Canada. EARTH with John Holden is also available on the streaming platforms Vimeo, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, and YouTube. 

In this episode, viewers find out how ANJ Group produces sustainable palm oil, Milestone Environmental Services permanently sequesters oil drilling waste, Teck Resources keeps public areas safer from disease, Schnitzer Steel transforms cars into infrastructure, and Anchor Packaging improves food package recycling.

First, John travels to Belitung Island, Indonesia to learn how ANJ Group produces palm oil, used in food, soaps, and cosmetics – while conserving energy and water, and protecting endangered rainforest.

Next, John travels to West Texas to explore how Milestone Environmental Services sequesters hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon-intensive waste from oil and gas drilling projects each year, with a proprietary slurry injection process.

Co-host Andrea Ocampo goes to Vancouver, Canada to reveal the antimicrobial qualities of copper, produced by Teck Resources. Teck's "Copper and Health" initiative helps prevent disease spread in public areas.

John goes to Portland, Oregon to find out how Schnitzer Steel recycles vehicles and appliances, to produce steel used in infrastructure projects – creating a circular economy. 

Finally, John travels to St. Louis, Missouri to learn how Anchor Packaging, working with environmentally-focused students and partners, is protecting food and improving the recovery and recycling of food packaging.

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Episode 26 | ANJ Group, Milestone Environmental Services, Anchor Packaging, Schnitzer Steel, Teck Resources from EARTH with John Holden on Vimeo.