Laconic Infrastructure Partners Inc. (Laconic), a leading provider of global environmental intelligence services and sustainable-growth solutions, has signed a contract with the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), to provide surf observation data and analysis based on Laconic's Environmental Intelligence service. The surf observation insight will help the USMC better understand surf conditions and beach landing sites for a variety of expeditionary missions and craft. In support of USMC's Science and Technology efforts, the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) reviewed, validated and approved the contract with Laconic utilizing ManTech as the prime contracting organization.

Laconic will upgrade the current USMC surf characterization methods with a state-of-the-art automated software and hardware maritime environmental monitoring system that can identify, measure and quantify risk variables at scale and speed. This fits with the USMC's overall plan, based on Force Design 2030 (also known as FD2030), to modernize, restructure and reshape its combat power for future near-peer adversary conflicts.

Laconic's Environmental Intelligence service, powered by SADAR™ (Sentient All-Domain Augmented Response), a proprietary AI and ML software platform, and Laconic's Micro-AUV and Micro-Buoy sensors, was selected by USMC to detect, collect and analyze surf conditions at beach landing sites and the threats that exist within them, both man-made and environmental. Laconic's persistent sensing delivers real-time accurate data of the highest-rated pedigree on environmental metrics and impacts, including site geology, hydrology, bathymetry and current/cross-current conditions. The sensor-collected data will improve the conduct and safety of USMC littoral maneuver operations. It will help commanders and safety officers with real-time decision support and can ultimately eliminate risk exposure and save lives.

"As part of our FD2030 mandate, we are always reviewing and adopting emerging technologies to quickly make decisions in real-time and eliminate risk," said Brigadier General Kyle B. Ellison, Vice Chief of Naval Research, U.S. Marine Corps. "We are very pleased to have found that Laconic's Environmental Intelligence and SADAR software and hardware sensing platform, specifically the Micro-AUVs and Micro-Buoys, provide a much clearer and more accurate picture of the surf zone -- in fact, the micro-environment-- than our previous surf characterization methodologies." 

Andrew Gilmour, CEO and co-founder of Laconic, looks forward to a great continued working relationship with the USMC. "We are extremely proud to be working with USMC," Gilmour said, "and that we were chosen to solve such a complex challenge as the identification, measurement and monitoring of surf conditions for safe beach landing. This is a huge endorsement of Laconic's technology and processes and highlights SADAR's unique ability to ingest all-domain environmental data in support of decision making for policymakers, commanders, safety personnel and technical subject matter experts."

About SADAR™ Platform

The SADAR™ (Sentient All-Domain Augmented Response) platform powers Laconic's Environmental Intelligence services by combining data-gathering, analytics, sensing, in-situ monitoring and geospatial technologies to assess environmental scenarios that address the complex interdependencies between global ecology, economy and security.

SADAR's technology stack draws on more than 24 surveys, 54 environmental data inputs, 10 data pedigree elements, and 6 Ecosystem thematic accounts to transform raw data into actionable policy. This enables Laconic to produce ecologically sound decision support based on multi-variant biologic informatics (MVBI). The value of data is measured by standards of reliability, completeness, and geographical and temporal relevance. Laconic's data consistently provides the highest possible pedigree, making it a trusted advisor in environmental decision-making.

About Laconic

Laconic is the leading global provider of Environmental Intelligence services. We provide governments, financial institutions and corporations with actionable insights that enable critical environmental decisions for sustainable growth. Our SADAR™ Platform uses state-of-the-art data gathering, analytics and geospatial technology that empowers organizations and governments to assess alternative scenarios and make ecologically sound business decisions based on multi-variant biologic informatics (MVBI). With our Outcome-As-A-Service model, we operate as a true partner to our clients. We consider their unique needs and requirements in order to provide custom solutions to solve problems as diverse as regional food security, decarbonization initiatives, financial compliance obligations and habitat preservation. Founded in 2019, the company is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Toronto, San Diego and Bali. For more information, please visit and

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