RemTEC Summit

Dan Griffiths
Emerging Contaminants Practice Director, Program Manager, Fellow

Dan brings a strong geological science education and extensive experience to a wide variety of projects, focusing on streamlined site delineation and innovative remedy design and implementation. He has been designing and implementing investigation plans and remedies at industrial and DoD sites for more than 25 years, specializing in complex high priority sites impacted with chlorinated solvents, metals, explosive constituents, and emerging contaminants. Past projects involve remedy selection and the design / installation of in-situ remediation applications to treat chlorinated solvents and fuels in unconsolidated and bedrock aquifers at industrial and DoD sites across the US. He is a contributing author on guidance documents for in-situ remediation prepared by Parsons for the Air Force, ESTCP, and ITRC. Dan is also Parsons Emerging Contaminants Practice Director and he leads Parsons internal research and development program, focused on the advancement of emerging contaminants remediation focused technologies.


Status of Findings from ITRC's PFAS Project Team