RemTEC Summit

Olivia Dunn
Olivia Dunn

Graduate Research Assistant
Clemson University

Olivia Dunn is an Environmental Engineering Master’s degree student at Clemson University. She graduated with her BS in Environmental Sciences from Clemson in 2018 and went on to work for a local nonprofit, Friends of the Reedy River, as a Watershed Scientist. She has since returned to Clemson to research chlorinated solvent remediation with Dr. David Freedman under a SERDP funded project. She anticipates graduating in May 2023.


Evaluating the Role of Magnetic Materials in Mediating Abiotic Degradation of Chlorinated Ethenes at TCAAP-A using a C-14 Assay

This project is intended to develop a deeper understanding for the role of magnetic materials in mediating abiotic degradation of low concentrations of chlorinated ethenes in aquifers. For this presentation, the focus is on use of 14C-TCE and 14C-cDCE assays to measure the rate of abiotic transformation of TCE and cDCE in contact with core samples from the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP-A) in Minnesota. A microcosm study with sediments of varied magnetic susceptibilities will be implemented along with the 14C assays to track degradation products of TCE and cDCE. The intent of the assay is to provide a tool to estimate abiotic degradation rate constants that can be used as part of the third line of evidence in the USEPA protocol to assess MNA.

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