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Gavin Grant

Senior Principal & Managing Director

Gavin Grant, Ph.D., P.Eng., is a Senior Principal and the Managing Director of Savron, a division of Geosyntec Consultants International, Inc., based in the firm’s Toronto, Ontario office. Dr. Grant has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of environmental remediation and the development and implementation of the Self-sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation (STAR) technology.

Dr. Grant completed his Ph.D. studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, under the direction of the co-inventors of the STAR technology. As Managing Director, Dr. Grant oversees all operational aspects of Savron including commercialization, project delivery, and research and development.

Dr. Grant co-supervises numerous graduate students studying smoldering combustion. He is also the co-inventor of H2STAR, an energy-efficient process for converting a variety of waste and biomass materials to renewable hydrogen.