Poster Presenters - Wes Wiley

Wes Wiley
Wes Wiley, P.G.

Principal Geologist
EN Rx, Inc.

Wesley F. Wiley, P.G., is a Principal Geologist, providing a variety of design and implementation services for EN Rx, Inc. Mr. Wiley graduated from Missouri State University, Springfield, MO with a BS in Geology / Stratigraphy. Prior to EN Rx, Mr. Wiley worked for 28 years as an environmental consultant focusing on the characterization, remediation and project management of contaminated sites. Key to Mr. Wiley’s expertise is his wide range of practical experience as a field geologist conducting environmental investigations and implementing remedial strategies.


New Perspectives on Horizontal Wells for Assessment and Remediation

Sometimes remediation technologies can be established but not prevalent, however; they can still be subject to the forces of change.  In some cases, creative economics can open up new uses, but also process improvements can drive new applications in traditional settings.  This is what is happening with the deployment of horizontal wells for site assessment and remediation. In essence, decreasing costs tied to design innovations, as well as strategic shifts which can initiate greater flexibility in deployment, are two factors that have brought about a resurgence of interest horizontal well systems (HWSs).  The latter is specifically tied to moving from monolithic single well systems, that are subject to preferential flow path distortions, to segmented, nested well systems.

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