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Steve Becker
Steve Becker, CEP

PFAS Program Manager
Brice Engineering

Steve Becker, CEP, is the PFAS Program Manager for the Brice family of companies. In this capacity, he serves as Brice’s senior Subject Matter Expert on PFAS and oversees the execution of PFAS investigations, removal actions, and response actions nationwide. Since 2018, Steve has led efforts to utilize Brice’s patented soil washing process to the treatment of PFAS-contaminated soils, including the first PFAS soil washing demonstration project in the US, conducted at Peterson AFB, Colorado. Steve is also an Affiliate Professor of Emerging Contaminants for the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Institute of Northern Engineering and a member of the ITRC PFAS and Emerging Contaminants Work Groups.


Field-Scale Treatability Study - Soil Washing of PFAS-Contaminated Soils Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado

As part of an ongoing engineering evaluation and cost analysis (EE/CA), Brice performed a field-scale treatability study to evaluate the effectiveness of soil washing for the removal of PFAS from soils at Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) release sites at Peterson Air Force Base. The study validated the efficacy of the soil washing technology at the field scale and generated site-specific treatment system design and operational parameters for optimum PFAS removal from soil.  The study also demonstrated the ability to remove PFAS from process water used during the soil washing process.

The field-scale treatability study demonstrated the ability of the soil washing treatment methodology to achieve PFAS removal efficiencies between 93 to over 99% for the coarse soil fraction, and between 82 and 89% in the fine soil fraction. Process water with initial PFOS+PFOA concentrations of >500 µg/L were effectively treated using regenerable IX media to below 10 ng/L. 

Soil washing is an effective source management and control strategy for PFAS. Full-scale application offers the potential, when combined with on-site IX media regeneration and regenerate destruction, for complete PFAS removal, zero waste generation, and beneficial reuse of soils.


Steve Becker Bio:

Steve Becker, CEP:  Steve Becker is a Certified Environmental Professional and soil scientist with over 30 years’ experience in the construction and environmental industries, including more than 27 years as a project and/or program manager.  Steve is the national PFAS Program Manager for Brice Environmental Services Corporation, and has experience with multi-media PFAS investigation and remediation, and.  He is an Affiliate Professor of Emerging Contaminant for the University of Alaska Institute of Northern Engineering, and serves as a member of the ITRC PFAS and Emerging Contaminants Work Groups.


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