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Stacey Hellekson
Stacey Hellekson

Project Manager | Associate Principal
Woodard & Curran

Stacey Hellekson is a licensed professional engineer with a focus in bio-resource engineering and is currently serving on the Sustainable Remediation Forum (SURF) Board. She has over 12 years of experience working in the environmental remediation sector focusing on strategic planning, investigation, and remedy implementation at legacy mining, Superfund/CERCLA and voluntary clean-up sites in the Rocky Mountains. She leads the design, implementation, and management of site investigations for historical smelting and mining waste, and release of petroleum hydrocarbons. She also acts as the environmental professional for national and international due diligence and environmental site assessments.

Sustainable Resilient Remediation: Driving Cost Savings and Using Management Dashboards to Align with Corporate ESGs

Sustainable and resilient remediation (SRR) is not only a desirable societal goal, but also offers tangible benefits of cost savings and alignment with corporate environmental social governance (ESG). SRR considers four key elements: the environment, economic viability, social impacts, and climate resilience. This presentation weaves in case study examples to illustrate these elements and the benefits of this approach. Cost savings is one important measure of success, but success can also be benchmarked by other programs. Telling a story of success is key to showing stakeholders a company’s commitment to the their established ESG goals. Company ESG goals often focused on products or services, rather than remediation portfolios. With remediation, showing ESG progress can seem overwhelming and too small of impact. This presentation demonstrates how plan, measure, and report appropriately against those goals using dashboards.

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