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Lucas Hellerich
Lucas Hellerich

Practice Leader, Remediation Engineering | Principal
Woodard & Curran

Lucas Hellerich is a Practice Leader for Environmental Remediation Services for Woodard & Curran. He graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BS in Civil Engineering and a MS and PhD in Environmental Engineering. He is a professional engineer in CT, NJ, NY, and RI, and a CT LEP. He has over 20 years of professional experience in remedial process optimization, contaminated site assessment and remediation, exit strategy development, peer review, liability valuation, and achieving regulatory compliance. His practice is focused on strategic site closure and optimization of site remedies, using CSM and data-driven approaches and innovative remediation methods.

Passive In Situ Remediation Strategies to Manage High Concentration Metals in Groundwater

Often, groundwater and saturated soils impacted with high concentrations of metals are remediated through excavation with off-site disposal and groundwater pump and treat. These approaches are generally disruptive, costly, and energy intensive. Alternative technologies include in situ treatment and permeable reactive barriers, representing a suite of passive and less costly remedies. This presentation reviews: (1) a framework used to design the in situ passive remedies; and (2) strategies to enhance the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the in situ treatment technologies for remediation of metals in groundwater and saturated soils. These concepts are described through three case studies: (1) geochemical stabilization of cadmium, copper, and zinc using iron sulfide and calcium polysulfide, and in situ stabilization/solidification; (2) limestone and gravel filled trench for the neutralization of acidic groundwater pH and precipitation of dissolved phase copper; and (3) calcium polysulfide and backfill amended with iron sulfide to reduce and immobilize hexavalent chromium.

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