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Jim Fenstermacher
Jim Fenstermacher

Remediation Technical Expert

Mr. Fenstermacher is a thought leader on the fate, transport, and remediation of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS). As the co-leader of Ramboll’s PFAS Subject Matter Expert team, he regularly interfaces with academia, provides branding and supports business development efforts regarding PFAS issues. In addition, he provides project teams across the company with remediation technical expertise including, technology selection and design, training and mentoring staff, and participation across multiple technology practice groups.

Breaking the Carbon-Fluorine Bond: A Consideration of Kinetics

With many PFAS destruction technologies in the research and development stages, how can we be more predictive about what technologies are likely to be more feasible than others? An understanding of the reaction mechanisms that are potentially responsible for breaking the carbon-fluorine bond could provide early clues as to what technologies will most likely fare more favorably when taken to full scale. This presentation will review the energy requirements reported in the literature, including a discussion of the understood mechanisms and kinetics for carbon-fluorine bond dissociation. This will also include a summary of factors that can influence carbon-fluorine dissociation such as chain length and functional end group. The discussion will conclude with a summary of knowledge gaps and future work remaining.

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