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Sanjay Mohanty
Sanjay Mohanty

Assitant Professor

I am an assistant professor at the University of California Los Angeles with expertise in environmental engineering. My lab group mainly examines the effect of anthropogenic and natural stressors such as compaction, excess pollutant loading, wildfire, drying, freezing, and flooding on the biogeochemical processes in subsurface soil, and applies those findings to develop innovative engineering solutions to remediate contaminated soils or treat polluted runoff for the protection of drinking water resources in changing climate. We develop methods to improve the resilience of natural stormwater treatment systems during changing climates and achieve urban water sustainability. We work with federal, state, and local agencies to further these research agendas, and our research informs their policy related to managing soil and water resources.


Smartphone-Enabled Rapid Quantification of Microplastics 

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