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Brent Pautler
Brent Pautler

Chemistry Services Manager

Brent is the Chemistry Services Manager at SiREM and received his Ph.D. in environmental analytical chemistry in 2013 where he gained advanced technical experience in spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry, passive sampling, and chemistry informatics. Throughout his career, he has worked with scientists, engineers, and consultants, applying his chemistry and information technology expertise to help them solve unique problems in the laboratory and the field. His role includes managing and advancing SiREM’s passive sampling portfolio, analytical testing services while supporting Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA) business development.

PFASsive™: An Equilibrium Passive Sampler for PFAS in Sediment Pore Water and Surface Water!

Brent G. Pautler, Alexander Sweett, Faten Salim, Michael Healey, Jeff Roberts (SiREM, Guelph, ON) 

Blessing Medon, Anh Pham (University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON)

Florent Risacher, Lisa D’Agostino (Geosyntec Consultants, Toronto, ON)

Jason Conder (Geosyntec Consultants, Huntington Beach, CA)

Rachel Zajac-Fay (Geosyntec Consultants, Tampa, FL)

Patricia McIsaac (Eurofins Environment Testing America, Oakton, VA)

Andrew Patterson, Robert Mitzel (Eurofins Environment Testing America, Folsom, CA)

Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) have emerged as a concern at many sites as they are persistent, bioaccumulative, and have demonstrated toxicity in laboratory animals, therefore it is a critical need to understand their migration pathways and bioavailability for proper delineation and risk characterization. Although there are established grab sampling techniques available for PFAS, these capture the total concentration which may result in an overestimation of risk to human and ecological receptors. Passive sampling in sediment porewater and surface water is an accepted approach to assess bioavailability and risk through the dissolved phase of many known contaminants (i.e., PCBs, PAHs, pesticides, metals etc.). Given their partially water-soluble nature, a diffusion-based passive sampler is a good candidate for quantification of dissolved PFAS. This presentation will highlight both targeted and non-targeted results from in situ field testing of a novel passive sampler and compare these results with those obtained from traditional grab sampling.

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