RemTEC Summit


Rune Lassen

Environmental scientist

I'm born and raised in the small country of Denmark, I have a decade of experience with site geologic and hydrogeologic site investigations and remedial implementations within the US and internationally.

Large-Scale ERD Implementation in a Sandy Sulfate-Rich Aquifer

The presentation will describe issues and challenges with performing an in-situ enhanced reductive dechlorination (ERD) treatment of PCE and TCE in urban setting. The treatment area has gradually been expanding with time and currently as of October 2022, the treatment area consists of 25 injection wells covering approximately 23 acres over several city blocks. The total plume spans 64 acres from top of the GW surface at 75 feet (ft) below ground surface (bgs) to 220 ft bgs. The front of the plume is at least 3,500 ft down-gradient and completely detached from the source area. The typical treatment range is 100-200 ft bgs. Further the treatment of the aquifer is challenged by sulfate concentrations of approximately 1,200 milligrams per liter (mg/L) and nitrate of approximately 10 mg/L.