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Moses A. Ajemigbitse

Moses A. Ajemigbitse

VP Engineering Research

Moses Ajemigbitse is a VP Engineering Research at AquaBlok, Ltd. Moses provides support and expertise in the application of treatment materials and contaminant fate and transport, while advancing contaminated sediment remediation through industry and government partnered research for contaminants including PAHs, PCBs, and PFAS. He holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from West Virginia University.

Data Driven Application of Activated Carbon for Sediment Remediation - Project Case Study and New Study Data Inform Changes in Modelling Approaches and Remedy Design

The use of AC for sediment remediation has resulted in many successes. However, there are still areas where the state-of-science does not match the state-of-practice. One of these areas involves leveraging the performance benefits of using powder over granular activated carbon. Many believe that both forms should have the same performance, in the long run, however data supporting this belief has been challenging to develop. In this work, we share results from a unique joint-effort study evaluating the longterm performance of powder and granular activated carbon for PCBs at concentrations relevant to sediment remediation. This study is unique because it used a 50-wk study period to provide definitive answer on the question of longterm performance. In addition, we provide modeling scenarios where the benefits of PAC are demonstrated. Finally, a case study of a real project will demonstrate how PAC provided real world benefits to a large sediment project.