RemTEC Summit


Michael Mazzarese

Senior Remediation Engineer
AST Environmental, Inc.

Mike Mazzarese is a Senior Remediation Engineer with AST Environmental, Inc. and oversees project assessment and design, field implementation oversight, and post project data analysis for RPI Trap & Treat® technology applications in western US, Canada, and Australia. Mike has been involved with remediation for over twenty years having worked within the in-situ remediation technology and environmental consulting fields his entire professional career. He has experience designing systems using in-situ bioremediation (aerobic and anaerobic), in-situ chemical oxidation and reduction, and activated carbon based injectates in overburden, weathered bedrock, and competent fractured bedrock.

Combined Remedies Approach Tackles Large DNAPL Chlorinated Solvent Site

This U.S. site had been substantially contaminated since the 1950s. High density remedial design characterization (RDC) activities pinpointed a zone of concern between 2.5 meters (m) and 14 m below the ground surface. In 2013, a RDC was implemented that consisted of: surface geophysics, collection of 186 soil samples from 26 boring locations, and 31 groundwater samples. The intelligence gathered was used to design a permeable reactive barrier (PRB) to reduce the off-site contaminant migration of contamination, an unsaturated soil mixing program that treated over 2,150 cubic meters of source level TCE impacted soil, and an injection program to treat DNAPL level impacts in the saturated zone upgradient of the unsaturated source area. Significant reductions in unsaturated and saturated soils and in groundwater have been observed to date. Groundwater TCE concentrations have been reduced 98-100% and TCE soil concentrations have decreased 97% on average.