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John Fontana
John Fontana

CPG, CWD, President/CEO
Vista GeoScience

John Fontana is a certified professional geologist and certified well driller with over 35 years of experience, and currently serves as CEO and owner of Vista GeoScience.  His experience includes implementing high resolution site characterization, data modeling and interpretation, optimized in-situ remediation technologies, and gas migration investigations.  John served on two ITRC teams, Optimizing In-Situ Remediation Performance & Injection Strategies, and Implementing the Use of Advanced Site Characterization Tools, and was nominated to the EPA’s Science Advisory Board on Hydraulic Fracturing.  John earned a degree in Geology, Oceanography and Physics from Humboldt State University in California in 1981.  

Novel Applications of the Hydraulic Profiling and Electrical Conductivity Tool for Site Investigation and Remediation
Co-Authors: Wesley McCall, P.G., Thomas M. Christy, P.E., Andy Kirsch