RemTEC Summit


Derek Pizarro

Senior Product Manager
AST Environmental, Inc

More than 19 years of experience in environmental applications, specifically heavy metals remediation; bedrock contaminant characterization; cVOC contaminant transport studies; and reagent bench-scale testing and design for industrial and environmental clients. Mr. Pizarro has a B.S. in Geology and Environmental Geosciences from Lafayette College and is a Certified Professional Geologist. He joined AST after serving as General Manager and Environmental Products Director for an environmental chemical manufacturer - developing treatment chemistries for inorganic contaminants, AMD/ARD, sediments, and injectates for use in PRBs. He is responsible for creating a novel product used in the remediation of dredged sediments impacted with late-transition and post-transition heavy metals, making them directly suitable for non-hazardous landfilling or onsite disposal.