RemTEC Summit


Caleb Fontenot

R&T Advisor-Remediation
Albemarle Specialties

Caleb is a licensed professional geologist with 18 years of experience in the environmental remediation and consulting industry. His background includes full lifecycle projects from initial investigation and characterization through delineation, risk assessment, corrective action plan feasibility studies, bench scale testing, pilot scale evaluation, full scale implementation, remedy efficacy evaluation, and site closure both unencumbered and via the use of institutional and engineering controls/barriers. Mr. Fontenot’s experience includes RCRA Facility Investigations, CERCLA remediation projects, and state regulatory program environmental projects.

A field pilot study demonstrating sustainable and successful remediation of mercury-contaminated soil and groundwater sources using a novel amendment technology known as MercLok(TM) P-640

Mercury is a global health issue. MercLok(TM), a novel soil amendment, has been developed by Albemarle Corporation to address soil and groundwater impacts from mercury at contaminated sites. The powder based-amendment delivers rapid capture of multiple species of mercury and will retain the captured mercury long-term according to tests performed using EPA Method 1314 (LEAF). MercLok demonstrated a high capacity to capture ionic mercury, elemental mercury, and methylmercury from soil and groundwater at a former munitions manufacturing site in Europe. The application of MercLok at this site was done by three methods which included mechanical shallow soil mixing, shallow direct push injection, and deep direct push injection into the groundwater zone. Results of the demonstration showed >99% reduction of mercury in groundwater, 87% reduction in leachable mercury from soil, and >93% reduction in mercury gas detected in the elemental mercury contaminated hotspot.