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Ben Clement

Ben Clement

Associate Geologist and Section Manager
Burns & McDonnell

As an associate geologist and section manager in the Burns & McDonnell Environmental Services Group, I bring 16 years of experience in the industry providing site characterization and remediation support for our clients. In addition to the conventional site investigation approaches, I have experience collecting and analyzing data using high resolution site characterization technologies. Additionally, I have a background in evaluating hydrogeologic conditions using a variety of software tools.

I have experience planning and implementing remediation strategies including soil excavation, hydraulic containment, free product recovery, in-situ remedies such as chemical reduction, chemical oxidation, and enhanced anaerobic bioremediation. I’ve also had experience designing and implementing in-situ saturated zone remedies. Over the past 10+ years, my project work has become increasingly involved in the management of former manufactured gas plant sites (MGPs), although I still participate in sites involving chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOCs), inorganic impacts, and petroleum hydrcocarbons (refineries) in supporting technical roles.

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